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Robotics Training


Children are creative. When they exercise their minds, little blocks can become vehicles and robots. Through Drag-and-Drop Graphical User Interface of programming software, we can give "lives" to those small robots, let them get started, distinguish objects and even self learning.
The training series aims for primary and secondary school students, and is suitable for students who are interested in mechanics, automation, feedback control, artificial intelligence, etc.Trainers shall lead participants to create, understand the operation of robots, and explore the synergy between human and robots. Course design is interactive and interesting; besides the introduction of basic mechanics and components usage, it also includes the learning of open source platform Arduino and its Graphical User Interface plug-in, so as to control every moves of the robot. Outstanding participants of the course can be arranged to take part in Robotics contest or science competition. 


Graphical User Interface for SmartRobot and Arduino

I) Elementary Module - covers the basic concepts of robotics design, including analysis of analog and digital signals, motor control and vehicle design, co-operations between sensors and actuators, etc.
Traffic lights: enter the world of robotics, simulation to the flashing LED of traffic lights
Obstacle avoidance robot: motor control, the application of touch sensor
Voice- activated robot: application of sound sensor
Angry robot: cooperation between actuator and sound or music, facial expression of robot changes according to program logic
Arduino programming: control of sequential LED lights, the application of press button, motor control


  1. Elementary Module -
    Obstacle avoidance robot
  1. Intermediate Module -
    Cup-manipulating robot
Advance Module -
Voice-activated door

II) Intermediate Module - covers more complex robotics design, line following robot, mechanical motion and power transmission, etc.
Line following robot: application of infra-red photo-reflection module, design of line following logic
Reptile robot: design of robot with multiple legs
Ball-picking robot: design of robotic arm, learning of gear ratio
Cup-manipulating robot: robotic arm grasps a cup and pour water to a specific place, application of bevel gear, learning of shaft
Arduino programming: design of line following logic, design of bar code decoder


III) Advance Module - covers systematic robotic design. It is useful in both industrial and home automation applications.
Automatic extension door: application of magnetic sensor, design of extension mechanism, cooperation between sensor and wheel rotation
Voice-activated door: cooperation between sound sensor and actuator
Ball-selecting robot: learning of industrial systems, design of sensor with automated systems
Lovely robot dog: alternative application of infra-red photo-reflection module, robot dog follows the gesture to walk
Arduino programming: Integration between Arduino and mechanical parts of SmartRobot


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